Our fishing program is paramount here at Tikchik Narrows Lodge, but naturally, a visit to our region in Alaska offers so much more than fishing. Here are a few examples of non-fishing activities that we offer at Tikchik Narrows Lodge.


1. Visit Mirror Bay – Mirror Bay sits tucked under the Wood-River mountains on the western edge of our home water – Nuyukuk Lake. The bay is absolutely stunning, and is best known for the incredible mountain reflection that it presents on a calm day. Head up to the bay on a calm morning, and enjoy a picnic in our comfortable lake boat. You may see caribou, bears, and bald eagles along the way. This adventure is definitely a staff favorite.


2. See the Bears at Brooks Falls – Brooks Falls is world famous for the convergence of brown bears during the sockeye salmon run on the Brooks River. When the bears are there, we’ll fly to Katmai to see one of planet Earth’s most incredible wildlife spectacles. You have probably seen the National Geographic photos of the scene, but you can never replace visiting the site in person. The next best thing is watching the bear cam provided by Katmai National Park.


3. A Shore Lunch on the Allen River – The Allen River is about a 40 minute boat ride from the lodge. The river does offer some great fishing during certain periods of the season, but this stunning canyon is worth a visit throughout the summer. On a nice day, we can drive you up the first falls in one of our jet boats and have a picnic amidst the canyon walls. The gin clear water looks more like a scene from New Zealand than Alaska.