• Boat and Plane at dock with Alaskan sunset

Airplanes, Boats and Safety


Tikchik owns and operates 4 float equipped aircraft. We have three 6 – passenger DeHavilland Beavers, along with one 4 – passenger Cessna 206. Our aircraft are in excellent condition and are well maintained throughout the season. We have a full time aircraft mechanic on staff at the Lodge throughout the summer.


Tikchik owns over 40 boats which are located throughout the region for access to our extensive fishing program. We have boats on 6 different watersheds in Bristol Bay. The use of these boats allows our guides the mobility to provide our anglers with the best fishing each day. Many of our boats are equipped with jets, which allows our anglers access to the shallow headwaters of many rivers for better fishing.


Our pilot’s are all veteran Tikchik pilots with many years of flying bush planes in Alaska. Tikchik is a FAA certificated Air Charter service. Our Pilots have training each year, both ground school refresher courses along with recurring flight training and FAA check rides. Our pilots adhere to drug and alcohol testing as required by the FAA.

Tikchik’s aircraft are maintained according to FAA guidelines for commercial carriers. As a commercial Air-Carrier Tikchik is required to have 100 hour inspections, all parts must be approved for commercial carriers and must comply with all of our operation specifications which have been approved by the FAA.


Tikchik guides all hold United States Coast Guard Licenses and are required to adhere to drug testing. They are well trained in boating operations and safety standards and requirements. Tikchik has recurring training each spring for their guides on boat handling and safety.

Our number one priority is safety. Above all else our goal is to ensure each day’s adventures are safe.