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Sign Up Today: Cancellation List

Over the years Tikchik Narrows Lodge has maintained a list of anglers who can fill cancellations. Typically, these cancellations are within 60 days of the start date of the week. We never know if or how many cancellation opportunities might become available, however it seems like we have a few each year we can offer at the cancellation price of $5700 which is the balance cost of a full package fishing trip.

If you are flexible and can travel on short notice, let us know your desired time frame and we will add you to our list of anglers to notify.

To be added to our cancelation list please call 907.243.8450 or email [email protected].

Special Week 2024

Father/Mother and Son/Daughter Week

June 15-22 will be our 29th annual Father/Mother and Son/Daughter Week. This is the first week of our season. The temperatures are warm (55′ to 70′ F) during the days, which are endless, in the land of the Midnight Sun.

We have very good fishing for all of our fresh water species at this time. In fact, this week offers our finest Char, Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Rainbow Trout fishing. We will also be fishing for Chinook (King) Salmon on the Nushagak, Kulukuk and Togiak Rivers. Every year we have had some of our best King Salmon fishing this week. Why wait!

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