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Tikchik Narrows Lodge Employment Opportunities

We are accepting applications for the 2024 Season.

To Apply for a position, please send a cover letter, resume, references and because we will not have a chance to meet, a recent photo. Tikchik has a company policy that we do not hire couples, married or not. Tikchik Narrows Lodge is a world class sport fishing resort catering to anglers from around the world. Tikchik is totally isolated in Alaska’s wilderness Wood Tikchik State Park. We accommodate just 24 guests at a time and have a seasonal staff of up to 34 employees. Our guests typically stay a whole week arriving and departing on Saturday. Tikchik is totally isolated. There are no roads and the only access is by bush plane. This wilderness setting offers our employees immediate access to terrific hiking, kayaking, game viewing, fishing and boating. Just being at Tikchik is an incredible experience. Our employees live in an environment that employees at other resorts will never experience. Yet, Tikchik is highly sophisticated with modern facilities and accommodations. We have our own generators, water and waste systems.

Seasonal Positions 2024 – Our Employees Make The Difference

The positive attitude, friendliness, professionalism, commitment and hard work of our employees makes the difference between Tikchik being a world class resort and just another Alaska destination. Our staff works toward a common goal of complete customer satisfaction. Because our guests stay a full week, the interaction between our employees and our guests is extensive. Our staff gets to “know” our guests and because we have a 80% repeat business and a high number of staff returning each year, the relationships between our guests and staff is more personal than a resort with one and two night stays.

Hospitality Manager – FILLED2024-01-31T20:34:51+00:00

The Manager of Hospitality is responsible for overseeing the Hotel, Dining Room, Guest Services and Meal Cleanup, directly supervising the 5 hospitality positions. We are looking for someone who has leadership skills and is detail oriented with a warm welcoming smile and demeanor. Our level of service is very important to the operation. Our reputation is based on incredible friendly service, attention to detail while allowing our staff to have fun and enjoy their summer. Must have significant experience with fine dining and luxury resorts.

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Mechanic – FILLED2024-03-25T19:49:56+00:00

We are looking for an experienced outboard mechanic (Yamaha and Honda 30 and 40 hps) to maintain and repair our 34 outboard motors. Although the focus of this mechanics position is outboard motors, this position will also help in the maintenance and repair of other equipment at the lodge.

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Fishing Guide – FILLED2024-05-13T18:58:05+00:00

Tikchik employs 14 fishing guides, and 3 guide trainees. Our fishing guides must have previous guiding experience, hold a U.S.C.G. vessel operators license, or be able to qualify and obtain a USCG license. Our fishing guides need to be expert anglers in both fly fishing and spin fishing, salmon and trout, lake and river/stream fishing. Because we fly out each day, we fish a large variety of waters and species of fish. Duration – This is a full season position starting about June 5th and continuing through September 18th.

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Fishing Guide Trainee – FILLED2024-03-25T19:49:45+00:00

This is an entry level position, offering training and supervision for individuals to learn to be accomplished guides. While this is not a full time guide position, it is an opportunity for those individuals who are aggressive and possess exceptional fishing skills to gain experience and return the following season as a full time guide. This is a very competitive opportunity. Applicants must be thorough in applying and be able to qualify for a Restricted OUPV USCG license.

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Float Plane Pilot – FILLED2024-05-13T18:57:54+00:00

We have an opening for a seasonal float plane pilot to fly a DHC-2 Beaver and a C206. Applicants must have least 3,000 TT, 500 hours float time and time in either a Beaver or C206, preferably both, Alaska time is preferred. The job is from June 1st through September 25th. Please do not apply if you do not meet the minimum requirements, we will not answer you.

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Hospitality Positions – FILLED2024-05-13T18:57:44+00:00

Because we are a small resort, our hospitality staff share all necessary duties. These positions encompass serving, dining room cleanup, washing dishes, cleaning guest rooms and laundry. Because our anglers fly out each day at 8:00 AM and return by 6:00 PM, our busy times are breakfast service/cleanup and dinner service/clean up. Our hospitality staff collectively team up for these meal services, serving, clean up and assist the dishwasher. During the mornings after the anglers have flown out, the hospitality staff complete individual jobs of housekeeping, laundry and cleaning. The workday is generally a split shift of about 9 hours with a 55 to 57 hour work week. These are hourly positions.

Hospitality applicants must be over 21 years of age

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Sunset Camp – Cook/Camp Helper – FILLED2024-03-25T19:49:09+00:00

Tikchik operates a remote tent camp called “Sunset Camp”. This camp is located in the extreme headwaters of a river where our float planes cannot land. We land down river and boat up into the extreme headwaters of the river. Because of the travel time we have our guests overnight to maximize fishing time. The camp accommodates 4 anglers, 3 nights per week. Two guides are stationed at the camp along with the cook/camp helper. The cook/camp helper is responsible for preparing, serving and cleaning up 3 dinners and breakfast for 6 people (4 guests and two guides) each week. We overnight guests on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. This position is also responsible for cleaning the tents, making beds etc. The sleeping tents have attached bathrooms with running water and flush toilets. The kitchen/dining tent has running water, 4 burner range with oven and a propane refrigerator. The food is a set menu each week and is sent out with the guests. We are looking for someone who has cooking/baking skills, is creative and can handle being in the wilderness. Even though the guides are also at the camp every night they are out guiding each day, so this position requires someone who does not mind having a lot of down time and being alone almost everyday for a good part of the day. Because we only overnight guests 3 nights per week, there is a lot of time to go hiking and fishing and kayaking.

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Executive Chef – FILLED2024-01-31T20:33:56+00:00

Our kitchen staff consists of a team of 3 with an Executive Chef, Assistant Chef and a Kitchen Prep/ Assistant/ Dishwasher. We serve breakfast to order and lunch is sent out with the anglers each day. Dinners are served banquet style. The anglers have a choice of two entrees each evening. We fly in fresh produce weekly, we strive to serve inspired, fresh food to our guests at every meal. Executive Chef – We are looking for someone who has a sound background in the food service industry as an Executive Chef in fine dining. Formal training at a culinary school is preferred, but not necessarily required. The Executive Chef will supervise the assistant chef and Kitchen prep. The EC will assist with menu planning and be responsible for taste and presentation. The EC will be responsible for ordering, inventory, cost control and waste. They will work closely with the owners (Andy Angstman) to achieve the goal of a superior dining experience. It is the Executive Chef’s responsibility to provide the finest cuisine possible for our guests.

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Sous Chef – FILLED2024-01-31T20:33:24+00:00

Assists in guest meal prep and is responsible for staff meals. This is a split shift day as breakfast preparation is included in this position. Our Sous chef should have strong baking skills to assist in fine desserts and baking. This is a full season position starting June 14th and continuing through September 22nd.

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Kitchen Prep / Baker/ Kitchen Cleaning – FILLED2024-05-13T18:57:32+00:00

This position requires some previous experience in a commercial kitchen to assist the Executive and Assistant Chefs with the breakfast grill, kitchen prep, plate ups, crew meal preparation, kitchen cleaning and dishes. This position is 70% kitchen, food prep work and 30% cleaning, dishes, pots and pans etc. This is a full season position starting June 7th through September 22.

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Guide Trainee & Tackle Shop – FILLED2024-03-25T19:49:18+00:00

Must be 21 years old and can work until Sept. 23rd. This position is a terrific way to learn the sport fishing lodge business, it is perfect for someone learning the skills of guiding, hands on. This position combines limited guiding in the capacity of a guide trainee and runs our tackle shop and assist owner operator Bud Hodson with light administrative work. This person must have knowledge of fishing tackle, equipment and gear, and be knowledgeable with Word and Excel. The tackle shop is located in the corner of the main lodge adjacent to the office and is a small room with pass-through doors. All Rods, Reels, Lures and flies are provided to the guest and are included in the package price. The guides carry a supply of tackle with them each day and distribute the tackle to the anglers as needed. The tackle shop is the hub of all of the supplies and tackle being distributed to the guides and guest. Lodge apparel is also sold in the tackle shop and the tackle shop person is responsible for weekly inventories. The Tackle Shop person will monitor inventory and place orders. This position will be supervised by Owner Operator Andy Angstman. Because the guests leave each day to go fishing, the tackle /shop is attended ½ before breakfast and 1 hours in the evening. The rest of the time is spent organizing, ordering, tracking and receiving orders. Because so much time is actually spent in the office it is a natural fit to have this person share in some of the office duties.

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Bartender & Lodge Worker – FILLED2024-01-31T20:34:24+00:00

This position combines both evening bartending duties and daytime ground crew work. We will have 2 Bartender/Lodge workers who will rotate the duties. 1 – person will bartend 4 nights per week and the other bartend 3 nights per week. The bar is open in the evening prior to dinner service and a few hours following dinner. Our bar is a 6 foot counter/bar located in the corner of the main lodge. It is open to the entire lodge. The bar hours are when the aircraft come back with the guests (usually starting at 5:15 PM) until 11:00 PM. This is a non cash bar, running tabs are kept for each guest. Bartending experience is preferred but is not required. We are looking for someone who is dependable, honest, presentable and has a friendly and outgoing personality. Must be 21 years of age. This position also requires lifting heavy items of up to 80 pounds. To make this a full time position the bartender will also perform work around the lodge during the day, as well as light dish washing duty.

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Lodge Worker & Ground Crew – FILLED2024-03-25T19:48:51+00:00

This is a general do-it-all position, from loading and unloading aircraft, cleaning fish, cutting firewood, hauling luggage, bagging garbage. This person must be physically fit capable of heavy lifting and physical work. This is an entry level position and is suited for those who do not meet the qualifications as a guide or guide trainee but would like to work at a fishing lodge and gain experience. This is a full season position starting June 1st through late September.

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Please send cover letter, resume, three references and because we will not have a chance to meet, a photo is always helpful.
Staff Activities – Tikchik staff enjoy kayaking, hiking, boating, fishing and occasionally flying to different locations for fishing or sightseeing. Tikchik is located in an incredible area for day trips. Tikchik Lake connects to Nuyukuk Lake ( 20 miles long) and Chauekuktuli, Lake, which is also 20 miles long, providing a vast area to explore. This area is abundant with bear, moose and caribou, not to mention world class fishing. We have power boats and kayaks that employees are free to use during their time off. Tikchik has terrific fishing right in front of the lodge and it is not unusual to view wildlife in close proximity to the lodge as well.

Employee Information – The following details should help explain job descriptions and address logistical questions. We are looking for employees who can make the commitment to be part of a incredible team of individuals who put customer service first. Our brochure says it all, “Satisfaction is achieved by surpassing your expectations”. Our goal at Tikchik is to ensure a memorable experience for each and every angler, with a focus on quality service.

Gratuities – Tikchik is renowned for our extraordinary level of service which is uncommon at Alaska resorts. Because of this service our guests typically leave very generous tips which are given at the end of their stay. From the pilots and guides, to our servers and ground crew, we believe our employees are Tikchik’s greatest asset. To promote this team work, guest gratuities are divided equally amongst all of the staff. In the 2023 season, full season Tikchik employees each made over $ 700 per week in gratuities.

Room & Board – Tikchik provides free housing and all meals for our employees. Employees are housed in shared cabins or rooms with private bathrooms. Our staff accommodations are some of the best in the industry. Meals are hearty, plentiful and delicious. Our chefs take pride in providing our staff with creative and healthy meals. Special Note – Because of our remoteness and housing needs we cannot accommodate spouses or families at the lodge. Our Season – Our first guests arrive in mid June. Most of our staff will arrive by June 12th for a week of training and orientation. We will operate for 13 straight weeks. Our guests arrive on Saturday and depart the following Saturday. On the same day we have 24 new anglers arrive. This makes for a very busy season. There are no breaks without guests. Our last guests will depart September 23rd. We provide Transportation / Travel to and from employees home and Tikchik for all positions, our point of hire is Anchorage, Alaska.

Uniforms and Grooming Standards – Many of our positions require wearing Tikchik uniforms. Tikchik will provide some of the uniforms and our employees will be required to bring a few complimentary items such as black pants for servers, khaki pants for the bartender, etc. We expect our staff to be presentable at all times and maintain good grooming standards. We are looking for healthy, friendly and presentable staff members. Facial piercing is not allowed. Even though we are located in the wilderness our staff members need to maintain a neat, clean and professional appearance. We have laundry facilities for the staff and our crew quarters have private bathrooms with showers. We expect good grooming and professional appearance.

Drug & Tobacco Free Workplace – Tikchik Narrows Lodge is a zero tolerance drug free operation. We are looking for non-smokers and non-tobacco users.
Pets – No pets are allowed. Because we have shared accommodations and Tikchik facilities are located in a confined area it is not practical to allow pets for our staff.

How to Apply or Get More Information – If you are interested in a position for the 2024 season, please forward a cover letter, complete resume which includes at least three work references. Because we will probably not have a chance to meet you in person and will be communicating exclusively by phone and email, please include as much information about your skills as possible. Please send a recent photo, this will help put a face to your resume and makes your application more personal. Please feel free to e-mail your resume to [email protected] . We look forward to hearing from you!

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