Alaska Salmon & Trout Fishing Tackle

As a guest of Tikchik Narrows Lodge we provide all of the conventional fishing gear, spinning and fly rods, reels, flies, lures, leaders, and tippet that you will need for your week’s fishing as part of the package price.

We have a full time tackle shop manager to ensure that all of the tackle is well-maintained and supplies of flies, lures and accessories are available.

Each day your guides will have rods and equipment available for your use. Your guide will inquire the evening before as to your individual preference of rod selection and right or left hand retrieve. At our remote camps (where we house our guides at a camp on the river), the guides will have been notified the evening before via radio or Sat Phone as to each angler’s preference and will have the rods ready to fish upon the guest’s arrival. This increases fishing time by not having to set up and tear down rods each day.

As an Orvis-endorsed Lodge we pride ourselves on having excellent fishing equipment and an extensive selection of tackle, flies, lures, leaders, etc. Tikchik guides want each angler to be successful. They are creative and demanding of themselves and Tikchik to provide the necessary equipment and tackle to be fully prepared for each day’s fishing.

Anglers are welcome to bring their “favorite rod” or all of their own equipment and we will provide a “what to bring” list for those choosing to do so.

We now provide waders and wading boots for all of our anglers.  Make sure you send in your waders request form with sizing information from your pre-trip planner.