• Beautiful Bristol Bay char in spawn colors

Bristol Bay Fishing: Alaska Salmon & Trout

Nowhere else in the world will you find a greater variety and volume of sport fish than in Bristol Bay Alaska. Called the “Salmon factory of the world”, Bristol Bay offers five species of Salmon: King, Sockeye, Chum, Pink and Silver Salmon along with 7 species of fresh water fish: Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden, Lake Trout and Northern Pike.

The fishing program at our Alaska Fishing Lodge provides a perfect combination of water to accommodate both fly fishing and spin fishing. There are rivers in Bristol Bay that are fly fishing only and rivers that are more suitable for spin fishing and using bait casting rods for King Salmon. Our daily fishing schedule allows you to maximize your time fishing these waters.

We fish the entire western half of Bristol Bay which includes the Nushagak River drainage, Wood River Lakes system, Togiak River drainage, Kulukak River, Tikchik Lakes and some Iliamna water. We only fish in fresh water rivers and lakes. We do not fish salt water.

The rivers we fish produce about 75% of all the King Salmon, Silver Salmon and Chum Salmon caught in all of Bristol Bay.

The rivers and streams of Bristol Bay where we fish vary in size from large rivers to very tiny streams and everything in between. With the use of our planes and boats our fishing program is very extensive and dynamic. As the season and fisheries change, we are constantly moving boats and setting up new camps, positioning us to capitalize on the best fishing.

Our veteran Bristol Bay Alaska fishing guides are well versed and experienced in fishing all of these areas and will give you an amazing adventure!

The Tikchik Narrows Lodge Difference: Exclusive Bristol Bay Fishing

Our anglers get the benefits of access to waters that are either exclusive to use or in joint use with another operator. Our permits with the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge gives us semi-exclusive use of the Kulukak River which is a small prolific salmon river that is perfect for fly fishing for King, Chum and Silver Salmon. Another permit with the Togiak National Wildlife refuge gives us semi-exclusive use of the Kashiak Creek section of the Togiak River. Only one other guide boat can fish this stretch of water. This section of river is the first holding water up-river for Silver Salmon.

We have a permit on a Native allotment in the upper stretches of the Nushagak River. We call this stretch our “Sunset” waters. The permit allows us to have a camp for housing guides and guests. Because it is so remote with our access point, the waters are exclusive to our Tikchik anglers. Tikchik anglers also enjoy private trout water within walking distance to terrific fishing.

Tikchik Narrows Lodge is located in the heart of the Wood Tikchik State Park (the largest State Park in the U.S.). This strategic location gives us easy access to a large number of fisheries and is centrally located to all of our waters. We are completely isolated with terrific local fishing from the Lodge.

Over the past 25 years we have developed a fishing program that is diverse and capitalizes on our knowledge of where and when to find the best fishing. With our extensive variety of water to fish, both spin and fly anglers will find our waters challenging for the advanced anglers yet accommodating for novices. Above all, our anglers catch fish – lots of fish- and enjoy the sport of doing so. You can see the fabulous fishing that is in store for you yourself by checking out our Bristol Bay fishing photo gallery.

Catch and Release Fishing Philosophy

In the spirit and necessity of conservation, we adhere to strict catch and release policies with our fresh water species. We do allow and promote our clients to keep a few salmon. We will be happy to fillet, vacuum pack and freeze your catch and package it for you to take home at no charge.

Char being released after caught fly fishing in Bristol Bay