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Tikchik Kids Rock

Tikchik Narrows Lodge is a perfect place to bring the whole family. Our facilities, dining program, and activities are fully accommodating for kids. Over the years, we have watched Tikchik kids make unforgettable memories at the lodge – the first “huge” King Salmon, the 103 fish day, or their first bear sighting. These life moments are part of the Legend of Tikchik. Take a look at our gallery of family memories!

For families, there is plenty to do at Tikchik outside of fishing.

Wildlife Viewing – Part of the Alaska experience is seeing the abundance of wildlife that roams this great wilderness. We regularly see brown bears, bald eagles, moose, and caribou. We can arrange a special day dedicated to wildlife viewing and photography or take you to the world famous Brooks Falls to see the bears.

Scenic Trips – Tikchik Narrows Lodge sits between two large lakes that are part of the Wood-Tikchik lake system. These lakes crash into the adjacent Wood River Mountains, making for jaw-dropping scenery. On a nice day, you can take a boat tour on the lake to Mirror Bay to see the snowfields, the green peaks, and the quiet wilderness. And, of course, enjoy a Tikchik’s famous guide prepared shore lunch.

Flight Seeing – There is no better way to see Bristol Bay, Alaska then from the air. The expanding tundra, emerald blue water teeming with salmon, jagged peaks, snow fields, and wildlife will fill you with the wildness of Alaska. These flight seeing trips are a photographers dream.

Kayaking – Spend a day on the water at Lake Chiuminuk, a true wilderness lake inside the 1.6-million-acre Wood-Tikchik State Park. Paddle with your guide along the lake shore and experience the quietness and serenity of Alaska’s Bristol Bay.

A Day of Rest – We understand that 6 days of Alaska fishing and adventure can be exhausting. We are happy to accommodate you for a day of rest and relaxation at the lodge. Enjoy the Sauna, read a book in the Sun Room, or relax on your deck overlooking the lake. This is your vacation!