Dear Angler,

We have finished up another successful season in Bristol Bay. This summer was much improved over last season, when we had a lot of rain and challenging weather. Although not one of our warmest years, we had very few delays and excellent fishing conditions in most of our fisheries throughout the season.

Please note that our 2012 Rates and Information Brochure is available. Our price will remain the same except a fuel surcharge may apply depending on fuel costs.

Linda, Gabe and I have moved back to Anchorage, Alaska after 6 years in Port Townsend. Thus, I have closed our Port Townsend office, and established my office here in Anchorage. Logistically, it will be easier to operate the lodge living here. I can get started flying earlier in the spring, and of course, have Linda and Gabe closer.

I was very surprised and pleased to see the Nushagak Kings (Chinook) salmon do as well as it did last summer. After a dismal return in 2010, I anticipated a terrible run in 2011, Wow, was I wrong! The Nushagak had a terrific run of King salmon and an epic run of Coho (Silver) salmon. The Togiak King run was down, and although the Kulukuk Kings were a bit late, it also turned out to be a good run with terrific fishing. We operated Sunset camp from June into August with terrific fishing. Karen Moore was back as our Sunset cook and hostess and Brandon Beebe returned for his 6th year at Sunset and David Blanton for his 3rd year.

From an operational point of view, our summer was very smooth. All of my veteran guides and pilots returned and our Executive Chef Matt Spence, produced his awesome cuisine. My manager of hospitality, Carol, made sure our level of service was extraordinary. Head guide Chip King orchestrated each day of fishing with experience and professionalism.

Above all, it was wonderful having so many return guests fish with us yet again and it was a pleasure to meet of the new anglers who we hope to see again. Thank you all for a fantastic season at Tikchik Narrows Lodge.



Bud Hodson Owner/Operator