Props to Adam, for the nice report in the most recent issue of The Angling Report. Read the write-up below.

Subscriber Alexander Kinsey has weighed in with a wonderfully readable and interesting report on a day of fishing on the Housatonic River in Connecticut last February that is much more than a rave review of Adam Franceschini, head guide at Housatonic River Outfitters (www.dryflies.com). Kinsey weaves a recap of the successful day into an anec- dote about an uncle who is a die-hard dry fly fisherman. “My uncle is an exclusive dry fly fisherman in the mold of Frederic Michael Halford and the southern England chalk stream school,” Kinsey writes, recalling a friendly dust-up he provoked with that relative recently by asking him where he keeps his collection of nymphs and wet flies. “My request set him off on his usual tirade on the beauty of fishing only to rising trout and his sardonic appeasement to my youth and choice to throw sunk flies.” You’ll have to read Kinsey’s entire report to understand how he relates that dust-up to the day of fishing he had on the Housatonic. His report is available in our trip-planning database.

Suffice it to say, Kinsey caught a number of fish on his float down the Housatonic last February, an accomplishment he credits largely to the skill and knowledge of Adam Franceschini. He describes Adam and Housatonic River Outfitters as follows: “Adam is an excellent guide, instructor, and companion. His knowledge of the Housatonic is considerable, as is his knowledge of fishing in general. In the summer season, he is a guide at Tikchik Narrows Lodge in Alaska. Housatonic River Outfitters is one of several outfitters/fly shops in the Corn- wall Bridge area of the Housatonic River. The shop is open all year, unlike some of its competitors, and offers the best guides and has the best selection of equipment (in my opinion). Torrey Collins, the manager, is an amazing resource for all things fishing and is one of the best anglers I have ever had the pleasure of fishing with. The shop also has an extensive collection of litera- ture (new and used) covering fly fish- ing and other outdoor pursuits. There is a living room/lounge that offers a comfortable setting for exchanging tales and information of past adven- tures while warming oneself in front of the antique woodstove.”

Kinsey gives the cost of his half- day trip as $275, plus a $100 tip. He says Adam Franceschini can be reached through Housatonic River Outfitters (Web address above) or directly at [email protected].

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