As seen on the Outdoor Channel.

Last Summer Tikchik hosted Wounded Warrior Chad Fleming and Orion Multi Media Production Company the week of June 25 through July 2nd, 2011. We were filming a fishing episode (or two) for the Ford Fishing Frontiers Series to be aired on the Outdoor channel sometime this winter (We will let you know when it will air).

Emmy Award-winning Orion Multimedia sent a crew of 2 photographers, a director/
photographer along with anglers Chad Flemming, from Tuscaloosa, AL and Max Collier, from Alexandria, VA. The production team was incredible with amazing Hi-tech equipment. They shot a lot of flying footage with cameras mounted on the outside of the beaver. They had a mini remote-controlled helicopter with a camera mounted on it. They shot footage of the anglers fighting a fish from all angles. The mini helicopter would hover just outside of casting range, looking back at the anglers. It was very cool to watch.

The camera team was very professional and fun to work with. On our first morning of fishing, Chip guided Chad and Max in the Narrows right in front of the lodge. They were catching Lake Trout and Char on streamers. After just two hours the production team announced they had enough fishing action for one episode. That did not stop them from filming, and it certainly did not stop Chad and Max from catching a bunch of fish. Throughout the week they fished several different locations for different species of trout and salmon.

The production team shot a lot of footage of the crew and facilities, aerial aircraft to aircraft footage, and the activities of the lodge operation. I spoke with one of the cameramen who was editing the footage, as he had some questions about locations. He commented to me that the show turned out awesome.

We all had a lot of fun and it was an honor to host Chad Flemming. In talking with all of the other guests who fished with us that week, they all enjoyed having the production team around, as did our crew. We are excited to see the finished production. We’ll keep you posted for the release of the Ford Frontiers Fishing Show from Tikchik on the Outdoor Channel.


Fishing and Shooting at “The Falls”