Anchorage, AK – Tikchik Narrows Lodge and owner/operator Bud Hodson have generously donated $10,000 to Trout Unlimited’s Coldwater Conservation Fund. Since 1992, CCF members have helped to keep rainbows in the Madison, brookies in Appalachia and epic salmon runs in Bristol Bay. They are the driving force behind some of Trout Unlimited’s most important efforts, including their Save Bristol Bay campaign in Southwest Alaska.

Trout Unlimited often uses the adage “The Complete Angler” to describe a fisherman or woman participating in the life-long journey to master the skills and technical aspects of fishing, but who also exhibit a humble sense of stewardship toward the environment. In fact, TU has a fishing report publication for friends and members of the Coldwater Conservation Fund with the same namesake. With this contribution from Tikchik Narrows Lodge, Mr. Hodson exemplifies the spirit of a Complete Angler as an Alaska lodge owner. “I have been in the sport fishing business in Western Alaska for all of my adult life (37 Years),” said Mr. Hodson. “Fisheries habitat is the single most important factor in healthy fish populations. Trout Unlimited and the Cold Water Conservation Fund have been the leader in restoring watershed and fighting to keep our waters clean for our Salmon and trout. Donating to this worthy cause is the least I can do.”

Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program works to preserve, protect and restore wild salmon and trout populations throughout Alaska. Through sound scientific data, strong grassroots outreach and advocacy, and hands-on involvement in conservation projects Trout Unlimited Alaska protects some of the most pristine and prized rivers on the planet, restores those that need some help, and engages the next generation of coldwater stewards in Alaska’s natural heritage.